Are Thatched Roof Properties Good For Career Oriented People?

Are Thatched Roof Properties Good For Career Oriented People?

If you consider yourself to be a career oriented person and also like the thought of owning a thatched roof property then you should find the information below very useful.

You might think that a thatched roof property isn’t essentially much different than owning a regular house or flat but this is not the case. There are some unique things to consider with a thatched property, particularly if you’re very career focused. Below are some of the main things to consider.

Thatched properties are usually located in rural areas

An extremely important thing to know if you work in the city is that the majority of thatched properties are located in rural or semi-rural areas. This might mean they’re impractical, especially if you’d need to commute a considerable distance each day to get to work. If you work for yourself then this isn’t as much of a concern.

Although living in a rural area is certainly something that comes with its upsides, it’s not for everyone and if you’re a busy person who likes to be in a bustling environment then owning a thatched roof property might not be for you.

The upside of living in a rural area is that you usually have more privacy, even if many thatched roof property owners still choose to have net curtains or bi fold blinds. Check out

They can be expensive to insure

Another thing to consider with a thatched roof property is that the insurance can be quite costly. This is because you must get a special type of policy since the cost required to repair or replace a thatched roof is something that insurance providers have to take into account. It’s worth asking the current owners how much they pay for insurance when looking at any properties you’re considering purchasing.

Thatchedinsure thatched home insurance is a website that enables you to get thatched roof property insurance quotes extremely easily from a panel of insurance specialists.

Maintenance is another expense to consider

Maintenance is a key part of owning a thatched roof property. Thatched roofs are designed to last a long time but this doesn’t mean they don’t need to be inspected and repaired after a certain number of years. You should think about this when considering a thatched property.

If the property has a functioning chimney that you plan on using then you’ll also need to have that regularly inspected and cleaned. In addition to this you’ll want to be sure that the house is safe from the risk of fire and so an electrical inspection is recommended for any newly purchased property.



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